DENVER — A 10-day-old baby boy found in a portable hot spot in Denver was pronounced dead, authorities said Friday.

The child was found by his mother in the hot spot on Tuesday, said Denver Police Chief Robert White.

The baby was found in the spot between a convenience store and a gas station, but authorities said he had been dead for a week.

Denver police spokesman Lt.

Mark Williams said the baby was taken to a Denver hospital.

The mother, Jennifer DeBlasio, told The Denver Post she believes her son was taken by the Colorado Department of Public Health.

The child is not being identified by name or given his age.

The department is investigating whether the child was poisoned.

The boy is believed to have been taken from a nearby motel.

The portable hot spots were installed in recent years, but the hot spots are now shuttered due to the heat.

The hot spots had been popular with kids who used them as an escape from the city.

The new hot spots in the city are a few blocks away from the Denver Convention Center, the headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee.

They also feature several hot spots that are popular with Denver area businesses.

The state Department of Transportation recently put the city’s transportation authority on alert, saying it was a potential hot spot for anyone who might try to get around.