How to protect yourself from cyber-attacks

The internet is full of malicious apps and websites, but how do you protect yourself?Here are five tips that will make it easier to defend yourself from malicious software on the internet.1.Do not click on links in emails, emails are not safe.The FBI says most malicious software is targeted at children, but they don’t mean […]

How to make your WiFi hotspot look cool without being intrusive or distracting

You might not be aware of it yet, but you have been living in a virtual world.The virtual world, or VR, is the state of being in which you are immersed in a computer-generated world.For example, the virtual world of Minecraft has its players in a vast world that resembles an island.It has the sense […]

Uber gets hit with $2.8B settlement in antitrust lawsuit

The U.S. Justice Department on Monday settled a lawsuit filed by Uber Technologies Inc. against a former employee over alleged misappropriation of company intellectual property, in what could be the first such settlement in the technology industry.In a statement Monday, the Justice Department said it would pay $2 billion to the former employee, who sued […]

Why Apple has the hottest movie stars

Apple has made its latest move to bolster its hot spot film library with a new offering, the Hot Spot Movie.A selection of the hottest movies that are currently available in the Apple Music app are also available on the App Store, including the latest installment of the blockbuster film “The Birth of a Nation,” […]

How do we find the hottest spots in the world?

It’s a hot spot that can only be found in Jacksonville, Florida.It’s not a hotspot on the planet but that’s what we’re trying to figure out.And we think we have a good idea of what it’s like.Jacksonville is in a hotbed of human activity.It was home to the infamous “Black Death” that ravaged the United […]

Why do you need a flea collar?

There are so many flea tags out there that are useless to protect your pet from the fleas, but there’s one that really stands out.It’s called the flea magnet.The flea magnets have a magnetic field that attracts and traps fleas.You don’t need to use a collar, but the fleabot is the best way to keep […]

Aussie batsman James Pattinson to miss World Cup clash with India because of ‘nervousness’

Australia’s James Pattison is expected to miss the World Cup after suffering a nervous breakdown.The 25-year-old batsman had just bowled an unbeaten 134 off 46 balls in the second Test against India on Wednesday when he went into a fit state and fell ill.“He had an issue with his heart,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted […]

How to find Nashville hot spots to catch the Super Bowl

In 2017, Nashville was named the No. 1 most liveable city in the world by the World Happiness Report, and it continues to get more liveable than most major cities around the world.There are plenty of hot spots across the country, but Nashville has a reputation for having a high concentration of restaurants.This infographic from […]

USGS: West Virginia volcano active again

West Virginia’s Mount St. Helens volcano has resumed spewing ash and sulfur dioxide, and officials said Wednesday that no damage or evacuations have been ordered.The Mount St.-Helens Volcano Observatory said it detected a small eruption from the crater on Monday afternoon.It issued a tsunami warning for the area near the volcano’s summit on Tuesday afternoon, […]

When you need to check your hot spot grill

Hot spot grill (HG) is the key to maximizing your hot spots.A hot spot is a portion of a welded piece of metal that is at the very tip of the weld, but not directly connected to it.A heat sink is used to dissipate the heat and provide a cool place for the weld to […]