The Verge has compiled a new map showing where the hottest spots in a country are located.

It shows the locations of the top five hottest hot spot cities on Earth in a single day, and also lets you view the heat maps for the previous day.

In other words, this is a quick and dirty way to find the hottest places on the planet.

You can get it right here: The Hot Spot Map for 2018.

The Hot Spot Maps have been made available in a number of languages, and can be downloaded and printed out in a variety of print sizes and colors.

They are also free.

The HotSpot Map can also be viewed in a virtual tour through your home or office, or it can be viewed on a web-connected display at home or at work.

The HotSpot Maps are the first map to let you easily visualize and view the hottest hotspots on Earth, which has been a key feature of our new site.

HotSpot has been available on the site for some time, and the site’s first map featured the map in 2017.

The maps can also now be downloaded for offline viewing.

You can view the map below:It is important to note that this map only looks at the hottest locations in a given country, and not other hot spots, like the desert in the Middle East, or the hottest cities in North America.

It is not a comprehensive map of the globe, and does not take into account weather or climate changes.

That means the map does not include some of the most important hot spots around the world, such as New York City, which is the hottest city in the U.S. with a population of about 4.2 million people.