A new hot spot in Phoenix, AZ is opening.

The new Phoenix Hot Spot Fairfax is located on the east side of the Phoenix Skyway, between the Arizona State Fairgrounds and the Phoenix Convention Center.

It is a 5-minute walk from the Convention Center and just a few blocks from downtown Phoenix.

The Hot Spot is a private, family-friendly, event venue with indoor and outdoor pools, a large, comfortable bar and outdoor seating for up to 30 people.

There are three levels of amenities for families and families with kids.

The pool has two showers, a hot tub and a large outdoor pool area.

The first level has two heated pools and a small outdoor pool with a separate water dish and a full bar.

The second level has three pools with a combined pool area and indoor seating.

The third level has a private outdoor pool, a full-service bar and a bar, as well as a full restaurant and bar area.

It also has two more pools with indoor seating, a bar and restaurant area and an indoor pool with indoor tables and chairs.

The main indoor pool features a full size pool table, a mini-bar, a covered bar and separate tables and seats.

There is also an outdoor pool and a covered pool table.

A new, state-of-the-art indoor pool will be installed at the Hot Spot.

The event will be free to attend with complimentary hot water.

The venue will also host live music on Friday nights and on Saturday mornings.

There will be live music from local artists, including DJ Spooky and DJ Zapp.

There also will be a food and beverage menu and live entertainment, including food trucks and entertainment, on Saturday nights.

The Phoenix Hot Stove Fairfax will feature three levels.

The indoor pool level is equipped with a full pool table and tables, and a mini bar, and seating for 25 people.

The outdoor pool level features a covered table, two covered bars and a pool area, and also features a large bar with a bar seating for 30 people, plus a covered outdoor pool table with two bars and tables.

The restaurant area will have three dining tables with a table seating for 15 people.

The third level features three indoor pools, two large outdoor pools and three smaller indoor pools.

There’s also a separate bar area and outdoor tables.

There were five vendors who were available to promote the event.

The Phoenix HotSpot is the first in the state and the first to offer family-oriented, family friendly entertainment, with a free pool for everyone.

The hot spot has been open for nearly a year and has become a community favorite with people from all walks of life.