Chicago, IL—Chicago police officer Amber VanDeMunkel was arrested Friday after an investigation found she had been drinking at a bar in the city, according to WGN-TV.

The officer was a part of the force for two years and is a veteran, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

VanDeDeghe is being held without bail at the Cook County Jail on a felony warrant.

A source told the Chicago Tribune that VanDeGhe is a married mother of two who was in the process of moving to a new job in Chicago.

“She’s been drinking all night and this morning, she started getting a headache,” the source said.

The woman has not been identified.

VanDegher was the first officer to be charged in the July 6 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, according the Chicago News.

The shooting left Smith dead at the intersection of South and Cicero Streets in the Englewood neighborhood.

Police said the officers responded to a call of shots fired and found Smith with a gunshot wound to the head.

Van deMunck’s arrest follows the June 2015 death of a black man, Darius Williams, who was shot and killed by police in the back while on his way to get a cell phone.

In November, a video surfaced showing a police officer shooting and killing an unarmed black man in Brooklyn, New York, and another video showing a black officer fatally shooting a black woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma.