FourFourtwo: Hot Spot Fairfield hosts its second consecutive event with another hot spot contest

FourFour2: Hot spot Fairfield is back with another event, this time in Honolulu.Hot spot Fairfields hot spot fair field is back!The event will feature five races, including a race on the course of the new Kīlauea Golf Course in the middle of a new development project, which was approved by the city of Fairfield.The development […]

Hot Spot Spot: $1B in Bitcoin at Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas — Hot spot spot: $5.5B in virtual currencies at the Las Vegas Casino.Hot spot: A total of $1.9B in bitcoins.The casino’s Bitcoin ATM is also home to a bitcoin ATM.Hot spot: The Las Vegas casino’s bitcoin ATM is a prime example of the kind of high-tech infrastructure that could help spur the digital […]

How to find Nashville hot spots to catch the Super Bowl

In 2017, Nashville was named the No. 1 most liveable city in the world by the World Happiness Report, and it continues to get more liveable than most major cities around the world.There are plenty of hot spots across the country, but Nashville has a reputation for having a high concentration of restaurants.This infographic from […]

The best Memphis, Tennessee, locations for free hot spots

The hot spots are a bit of a bummer, but you can make the best of them with this guide to the best Memphis and Tennessee locations for hot spots.Hot spots are often the perfect venue for a free hot spot event, but sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t make […]

How Denver is planning to combat wildfires with solar power

The Denver metro area is one of the hottest spots in the country, with nearly three times as many wildfires as any other area, according to the latest report from the National Interagency Fire Center.The region is home to some of the nation’s hottest spots and has the highest fire danger rating of any major […]

‘I would like to apologize’: BMW’s ‘troubled’ customer after driver crash

A BMW customer has apologized after his vehicle drove off the road while being towed by an off-duty police officer.It happened on the 700 block of North Elmsdale Boulevard in the downtown core, a busy area of the city.Police were dispatched to a report of a man’s vehicle running a red light.A short time later, […]

India’s ‘Internet Hot Spot’ Numbers are in Freefall After a Massive Hack

MUMBAI: India is on a hot streak.The country has overtaken China in internet traffic, according to a new study by the internet analytics firm IHS Global Insight, and now ranks No. 1 in the world in terms of internet traffic.The latest figures show India has the second-highest internet traffic growth rate in the globe behind […]

Which restaurant is the hottest in Chicago?

Chicago’s hottest eateries have been busy as of late, with the latest to make a name for themselves.Some of the hottest restaurants on our list include:The D’Angelo’s Italian-American Grill, which is located at 1 E. Randolph St., will open next week at 10 a.m.The Tasty House is opening next week.

How to Make a Hot Yoga Spot and Hot Yoga Unit with a Hot Microwave

Flamin Hot Spot and Flamin hot yoga are two of the hottest new yoga products on the market, and it is a must-have item for any yoga practitioner.They are also two of our favorite yoga accessories.This post will show you how to make a Flamin HOT spot, and then how to get it ready to […]

NYC: NYC: NY Times: “In a city of two million, there’s an underclass that’s been left out”

By Lauren Ashford By Lauren AshleyA New York Times columnist wrote an article that’s going viral across the internet today that blames a number of people, including the Mayor of New York City, for the deaths of two New York women in the Bronx.“There’s a whole bunch of people in New York who are guilty […]