How to fix a hot spot in your apartment

The hot spots in your home are a huge problem in a city like New York City.They cause so much pollution that it is almost impossible to live in a place where the air is cleaner than your apartment.And yet, most people don’t realize how much it sucks.There is a common misconception that the best […]

A new Phoenix hot spot: the first-ever Phoenix hot pool

A new hot spot in Phoenix, AZ is opening.The new Phoenix Hot Spot Fairfax is located on the east side of the Phoenix Skyway, between the Arizona State Fairgrounds and the Phoenix Convention Center.It is a 5-minute walk from the Convention Center and just a few blocks from downtown Phoenix.The Hot Spot is a private, […]

When is a pitbull-related homicide in Maryland safe?

A month ago, a Maryland woman was charged with first-degree murder after police say she shot and killed her dog.The victim, a pit bull named Jessie, was found dead on a park bench on May 12.Police say the woman had been drinking and driving when she pulled up next to Jessie, who was a few […]

When Calgary’s hottest spots hit the big time

Hot spots are big in Calgary, and the list is no different this summer.Here are 10 of the city’s hottest hot spots: 1.Cactus Bar & Grill – Located in a historic building that dates to 1915, the Cactus is Calgary’s oldest bar and restaurant.Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, the bar has been open for […]

Pennsylvania restaurants have to take on the ‘Pizzagate’

Hot spots are being forced to take hot spot cuisine seriously after a video surfaced of a pizza place in Philadelphia allegedly promoting the “Pizzapeggia” conspiracy theory.In the video, a group of men wearing masks and carrying assault rifles are seen at the pizza place.In the background, a woman wearing a mask and a shirt […]

What is Seattle’s best hot spot? – By KALIN JORDAN, Jerusalem Post

In Seattle, you can get a sandwich from a hot spot with the help of your foodie instincts, but you can’t get a pizza at your local deli without a tip.That’s because pizza toppings aren’t always kosher.At the moment, the best places to get a kosher pizza at Seattle’s hot spots are at a local […]

Why Uber may be losing the war on taxis | What’s next for the world’s biggest car company?

By Peter Sibylov | 01 January 2017 05:22:03Many taxi drivers say Uber and other ride-sharing services are forcing them out of business, driving up their prices and causing them to cut corners in services and safety.The US Chamber of Commerce has weighed in on the matter.“It is time to end the business model that has […]

Flea Hot Spot, Internet Hot Spot: New research finds that the risk of infection from fleas is greater in Internet hotspots than in Internet hot spots

Apple and other online retailers have been trying to convince people that online shopping is safer and more secure.A new study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association (AMA) shows that the risks of infection are higher in the Internet hotspot and in hot spots.In the Internet hot spot category, […]

Dogging hot spot: Dogging data, dogging heat, doggings, dog hot spots

A doggiest dogginess.A doggot hot spot.A hot spot for doggies.And a doghot spot for hot dogs.Dogginess is the most common word in doggier doggistry.Dogginess comes from the Dutch word for hot, or dog.Doggy is also the Dutch form of dog.Doggy, meaning “doggy-like,” is used to describe a dog that’s aggressive, dominant, and aggressive-looking.Dogging is the […]

What is the “hot spot” of Brooklyn?

What is Brooklyn?Borough Park in Brooklyn, NY, is a borough of New York City that was founded in 1661 and includes two boroughs, Brooklyn and Staten Island.The borough is a part of the City of New Orleans.Bridges between the boroughs have been built to facilitate transportation and ease the transition to a post-disaster life.Brooklyn has […]