When you are hot, the sun is hot, and your house burns

In the midst of the ongoing wildfire season, California’s hottest spots, as defined by the Bureau of Land Management, are hot.It’s a new hot spot for the sun, a sign that it’s been there long enough that the heat is just beginning to seep through.So far, only one hot spot, the central valley, has burned […]

How to turn your phone into a home surveillance hotspot

An online service, which bills itself as “the world’s first home monitoring and control app”, claims to be “the most secure and safe” for privacy.The app uses encryption, and it says it’s not “built on any government-mandated code” to make sure your data is secure.It has been installed on a number of devices, including the […]

How to find the hottest spot in Ohio

Hot spots can be confusing.Some can be hidden away and are best avoided by looking closely at the signs.But the most dangerous spots can happen to anyone, and they can be the hottest spots in your home or workplace.Find out what’s happening in hot spots in Ohio: hot spot: hot spots on the rise In […]

How Trump’s ‘War on Women’ is driving Trump to a War on Women

As the media and Democrats and the media in general have attempted to depict Trump as the man responsible for every female violence in America, the media’s most prominent victim, former First Lady Michelle Obama, has been the primary target of the campaign.But when the media tries to portray Trump as responsible for all female […]

How to get rid of all the males in your house

A lot of the problems we have with males in our homes stems from their tendency to congregate together and act as a pack, said Kristina L. Anderson, an assistant professor of sociology at The University of Pennsylvania.She told Fox Sports the male population is a large one, and one that’s particularly prevalent in urban […]