Glendale is in a bind.

The city has been trying to find a solution to its hot spot liquor problem for years, but its only been getting better at it.

It has a long history of finding creative solutions.

But now, the city is in desperate need of a fix.

The hottest spots are in the middle of nowhere, and Glendale wants to make sure those areas don’t get left to rot.

A new $500 million, multi-year project called GlazeHotSpot is being built to bring the city’s hot spots closer to downtown, and it is part of a larger effort to revitalize the area.

Glaze will help bring back the hot spots to their former glory.

The Glaze program will bring together Glaze owners and businesses to come together in a common goal to make Glaze and its neighbors as vibrant as possible.

In the future, Glazed areas will have better lighting and signage, new street lighting and sidewalks, and more bike lanes and other amenities.

“We think that Glaze can really make Glendale a destination that’s more alive and more vibrant,” said Glaze co-founder and CEO, Paul Sorenson.

As Glaze, the City Council will vote on Glaze’s design plan on June 1st.

It is expected to include several features, including a new retail and entertainment center, and a new public park to be named after the popular Glaze spot, The Glaze.