Hot pot spots are one of the most popular summer activities in India and the country is looking forward to a bumper year for them.

There is also a chance to partake in one of India’s hottest dining options, with a variety of restaurants offering hot pot dishes and snacks at affordable prices.

We had a chance with our friends from India to try the hottest hot pot spots in Mumbai.

The hottest hotpot spots in IndiaHot pot restaurants are known as hotpot stands.

A hot pot restaurant is a place where a group of people can come together to enjoy a meal.

There are many types of hotpot restaurants, but a popular one in Mumbai is the one at Nalini, which is known as the hotpot bar.

We decided to go to Nalinis because we were craving some hot pot, and the best part was, the food was very affordable!

We got two bowls of hot curry for Rs. 3 each at Nali’s hot pot.

We were impressed by the service of the staff, which was friendly and efficient.

Nali’s is one of Mumbai’s hottest hotpots.

We ordered two bowls and were both happy with the quality and price.

The dishes were served hot with a nice spice mixture.

It is not easy to find authentic hotpot dishes in India, but Nali was a very good choice to try out.

Hot pot at NalsiniHot pot is a hot pot that is served in a large, open room that is decorated with colourful lights.

The room also has seating areas, making it a great place to gather and relax with friends.

The menu is limited, but you can expect to find hot pot items such as roti, rice, curry, roti rolls, fried fish and various other dishes.

It costs Rs. 10 for a bowl of roti and Rs. 15 for a small plate of rotis and rotis.

The food at Nilsini is not quite as good as Nalinos, but the prices are similar and the food is not that expensive.

There was no shortage of food to choose from.