In addition to its work on the TV series Star Trek: Discovery, Hot Spot oil has also worked on other projects for both television and film, including the Marvel Comics animated film Thor: Ragnarok and a spin-off movie of the TV show, Arrow.

In 2018, the company announced that it had partnered with Marvel to create a limited edition “satellite” tattoo on a male member of the Thor team.

While the tattoo was exclusive to Thor, it was also available to the rest of the team, who could purchase it via the Thor mobile app or in-game.

While we don’t know if the tattoo will be available to other members of the film or TV series, we do know that it was created by artist David M. Barto, who previously worked on Thor: The Dark World.

Check out a look at the satellite tattoo above, and head on over to the Hot Spot website to see more of his work.