Las Vegas — Hot spot spot: $5.5B in virtual currencies at the Las Vegas Casino.

Hot spot: A total of $1.9B in bitcoins.

The casino’s Bitcoin ATM is also home to a bitcoin ATM.

Hot spot: The Las Vegas casino’s bitcoin ATM is a prime example of the kind of high-tech infrastructure that could help spur the digital currency bubble.

The ATM machine at the Casino is a Bitcoin ATM machine.

It can accept bitcoins, or other virtual currencies.

The ATM at the casino has an operating temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and a capacity of about 1,000 bitcoins.

Las Vegas Sands, which operates the casino, says it is investing $1 billion in the machine and will hire 500 people over the next two years to operate it.

“The machine is the largest in the world and will allow us to operate our virtual currency business as we see fit,” the casino said in a statement.

“Bitcoin has been gaining traction in the casino industry for some time and the technology that will enable us to utilize it is also advancing rapidly.”

The Las Vegas Casinos Las Vegas, a subsidiary of the Sands Corporation, has a casino in Las Vegas that allows patrons to buy and sell virtual currency in the online marketplace bitcoin.

Its Bitcoin ATM sits at the entrance of the casino and allows customers to buy bitcoins and spend them on a variety of products and services, such as casino admission.

Las Vegas Casino spokeswoman Ashley Brown said the company has no plans to shut down the machine.

But she said the casino will likely shut down its virtual currency operation in the coming months as it continues to upgrade its technology. 

It is not known if the ATM is being used by other casino operators, Brown said.