Colombia has one of the most remote communities in Latin America, but one of its most popular tourist attractions is a spot called Hot Spot 3. 

It’s a spot where locals flock to for the best views of the Andean mountains, and a place where they can catch hot spot therapy (or “hot spots”) that involve sitting on a hot bench and watching the sun rise. 

The therapy involves watching the Sun rise and setting, as the hot sun slowly sets. 

In the summertime, it’s especially popular with people from the rural areas, and also a place for families to get together to celebrate the New Year. 

And the hot spot is always hot. 

Colombia has around 30 hot spots around the country, and this year the number is set to double to about 200. 

“We’ve been seeing people come from all over the country and say, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to sit here in Colombia,'” said Jose Manuel Garcia, who owns the Hot Spot Bar and Cafe, which opened in September. 

He added that he saw people in the capital Bogota who wanted to spend the day on the hot bench. 

At the time of writing, the number of visitors to the Hot Site was up from the previous year, but Garcia didn’t know why. 

Hot Spot Therapy: The Sun is rising In Colombia, it seems like hot spots are more popular now than ever. 

While the number one tourist attraction in Colombia is the mountains, there are also many hot spots in the Andes. 

On a recent afternoon, the Hot Spots of Bogota and the nearby city of Cucuta were full. 

Some people had come from the neighboring states of Chiapas and Veracruz, and they came to spend a day in the hot spots. 

One person even showed up in a white Jeep and a black backpack. 

Garcia said that the hot weather is a huge draw for tourists, and he thinks that the tourist market is worth $50 million a year. 

More than 1,500 people come to the hot-spot therapy every year, and the hot areas are the place to see the sun in the morning. 

They are also a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the sunset. 

Guys with their hot spot sessions are dressed in black shirts, and their eyes glisten with sweat. 

You can also find hot spot therapists there with their friends. 

According to Garcia, the people in Hot Spot 2, a popular spot in the small city of Campeche, have been there for over 20 years. 

Since 2003, the hotspot therapy has become a major tourist attraction. 

But Garcia is not the only one who has witnessed the tourists coming to the spot, as he said that he has heard that tourists have been coming there for years.

“We have been seeing these people come, from all the villages, from the countryside,” Garcia said. 

Another tourist, Antonio Martinez, told the Huffington Post that the first time he came to the place, he noticed that there were people sitting on the HotSpot bench.

“I was a little shocked,” Martinez said.

“I was thinking, ‘Wow, they’re here for the sun, why would they sit on a bench?'” 

In 2013, there were only two Hot Spits around the world, but today there are more than 400. 

Last year, there was one in the U.S., and the number has doubled. 

So, what is the best way to get a hot seat? 

There are a number of different ways to get hot spots: The most popular is to sit on the bench at a bar or restaurant, where people can have a hot beverage, and watch the sun set. 

If that doesn’t work, Garcia said that people can buy hot spots at hotels, and even try to buy hot spot spots on the street. 

There is also a service called the “hot spot bar,” where tourists can watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day. 

For those who want to spend more time, Garcia suggests that they pay a visit to the Hotel Medellin, a beautiful hotel in the mountains that has a hot-seat program, and spend the night in one of their rooms. 

A Hot Spot in the desert, Colombia The next best thing is to go camping and get a free hot spot. 

Most people don’t have a car, and it can be difficult to find a hotspot in Colombia, but if you can’t find a spot in your town, Garcia suggested that you take a bus to a hotbed. 

Once there, Garcia and other Hot Spot therapists offer hot spots for up to 30 people. 

I also recommend that you book a reservation at a Hot Spot for up-to-15 people, as this is a