The United States and Australia are the hottest countries for hot spot data, with temperatures in the two nations surpassing record highs in December, the World Meteorological Organization said on Thursday.

The temperature anomaly was also the highest in more than 50 years.

Australia’s average temperature on Wednesday was 27.3C, compared with an average of 26.5C for the United States, the US meteorological agency said in a statement.

A record-breaking cold snap in the United Kingdom on Wednesday saw the coldest temperature in at least 25 years, according to the UK Met Office.

The U.S. is expected to hit its annual average temperature for the first time in about two weeks as well, a sign that it is not as cold as it was last winter, the meteorological organization said.

“This year’s temperatures are likely to be below those in the mid-1990s and in the 1940s, when record warmth was still common,” the agency said.

Australia will also hit record highs on Thursday, with its temperature of 29.5°C set by midday local time (0500 GMT), according to weather services.

The heatwave is expected in the northern half of the country, with the South Pacific region hit particularly hard, with record high temperatures in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Australia also has one of the hottest air masses in the world, with a daily average temperature of 38.3°C, and its summers are typically cooler than the average.