The National Security Agency (NSA) collects huge amounts of data on virtually everyone in the United States, including Americans.

It’s an important step in keeping us safe from the spread of terror, but there are many other ways that the NSA can track us.

So how can we prevent them from tracking us all?

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In a new report published by the American Conservative, the group claims that a number of states and cities have enacted laws that prevent the NSA from monitoring the local population, as well as residents who are within a radius of 10 miles.

This is the first time that the group has been able to find evidence that such laws exist, and they say the numbers are “incredibly high” (pdf).

According to the report, a few of the states have laws that prohibit the NSA to monitor local residents, but not all.

The law in the state of Kansas, for example, requires local governments to “minimize the number of individuals that may access” their information, but it does not specify what kind of information that means.

The bill passed by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and signed by Brownback in 2013 allows local governments, “regardless of the location of a resident or the level of activity within the community, to limit the collection of data by federal law enforcement agencies.”

But it also includes language that states that it is not illegal to monitor citizens in the US.

The report says that in the states of Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma, it is also legal to monitor people within a certain radius of a particular city.

The report goes on to say that “it is not legal to record phone calls, or access to e-mail messages.”

States that have laws prohibiting the NSA collecting information from local residents are Texas, California, and New York.

These states are the states that have seen a significant rise in the number and amount of attacks carried out by foreign-based extremists, as their population has grown.