Why Hawaiian hot spots are so much better than others in the Pacific Northwest

When it comes to medical care, there are few places in the world where the number one priority is getting the best care possible.That’s why when a doctor prescribes a particular drug or procedure, there’s often a big payoff if it’s used for a treatment that’s been shown to work well for a particular patient.“We […]

Woman’s hot point at Astoria Hot Spot Parking is a hot spot

The Astoria City Council is considering a bill that would make Astoria’s parking lot a hot point for women.The proposal is called the Astoria Women’s Hot Point Parking Ordinance, and would make the parking lot an “all-gender facility” by removing barriers, including gender-based signage, for women to use.The Astorians parking lot has been used by […]

What’s hot in the city you live in?

You’re about to be amazed by the things you can do in your home.There’s always something new to do, something you can’t wait to get started with.But what you might not know about your neighborhood is that it is also a hot spot for dogs.According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to […]

Husky hot spots: Where the food is best and where the best restaurants are

A hot spot is where you can grab a bite while you’re waiting for a restaurant to open, and while you are waiting, you can enjoy your meal.You can choose from a variety of hot spots that range from classic Americana, to traditional Italian food, to a modern take on the classic.The list below shows […]

Panthers get a break as a hot spot for the NHL playoffs

The Panthers have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL this season.They are now one of four teams in a divisional round series with the New York Rangers, the team that has been their best team all season.The Panthers are currently one game ahead of the Rangers, who are one game behind the […]

Why is a gazelle hot spot so rare?

Dubliner David Guzzo is an amateur hunter who spends much of his time in the city.Aged just 24 he has been out on the streets hunting gazelles since he was a child.“I had a lot of experience out here and when I was younger I used to go hunting,” he says.“But as I got older, […]

When you see a red star: How to find a red dot in the sky

A star that looks like a red diamond may be invisible to most people, but it can be extremely useful.Red dots are bright stars that shine a bright red light in the night sky.A red dot is sometimes called a “red hot spot.”The red hot spot is a bright star with an enormous red ring.The […]

When did the Raptors lose their cool?

It was a quiet night in Toronto.It was early December, just after the Raptors had beaten the Atlanta Hawks, but the Raptors were already in the midst of their second straight loss, and they’d already lost five straight to New Orleans.And they hadn’t been to a game this season without a player getting ejected.Toronto had […]

What the World’s Most Loved Hot Spots are Like

What’s more, a recent study found that hot spots tend to attract more visitors than cool spots.That means the hotter areas of the country are a more appealing place to come visit.And in a recent report, The Economist found that while some hot spots have been experiencing a rise in tourism, other places are struggling […]

How to make yoga and hot spots in the Chicago area look cooler and more authentic

CHICAGO — There are a lot of hot spots around the city for yoga, and they’re all free.In fact, most of them are free, and some of them have even become a regular stop on the national travel itinerary.But some of the biggest hot spots are also among the most expensive.Take the one at the […]