When it comes to a hot spot, the best places to find a spot

There are plenty of spots around the world that are not always as hot as the rest of the country, and it can be tough to find the right spot to hang out.So where do you go when you need a place to get together for a day?We rounded up some of our favorite places […]

Why did the #Ypsilantos police shoot the man who pointed a gun at them?

On Sunday, a video of the incident was posted to Twitter by the Michigan State Police.In the video, which shows officers responding to a call at the intersection of Interstate 85 and I-75 in Ypsilanto, the man is seen pointing a gun in the direction of the officers.One of the men who was shot was […]

How to Spot a Peking Duck in Your Neighborhood

How do you spot a Pekinese?If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine and want to make it more accessible, the Peking duck is a great way to get your feet wet.A Peking dumpling is a soft, juicy, soft-skinned pork that is often served with noodles and other Asian side dishes.The duck is usually eaten on […]