By Lauren Ashford By Lauren AshleyA New York Times columnist wrote an article that’s going viral across the internet today that blames a number of people, including the Mayor of New York City, for the deaths of two New York women in the Bronx.

“There’s a whole bunch of people in New York who are guilty of these horrific crimes,” the columnist, Maureen Dowd, wrote.

“But it’s not just a handful of them, it’s a vast underclass of people who are still waiting for justice.”

Dowd goes on to write about the Mayor, Bill de Blasio, and the NYPD and their role in the crime wave.

“For years, the mayor and his gang of thugs had been making an excuse for their brutal and criminal behavior,” Dowd wrote.

“They blamed the crack epidemic on the poor people of the city.

They blamed the police for the killings of people they thought had robbed them.

They blame the NYPD for the brutal way they treated civilians in the neighborhoods they controlled, especially minorities.””

It’s the same story that the NYPD has told in the past,” she continued.

“That their officers are supposed to be able to protect and serve the people of New Yorkers without fear or favor.

That it’s okay for the cops to beat up people, kill people, steal people’s property, and kill people.””

But, in the end, what they failed to realize was that the people who were hurt most were the people they most needed to protect,” Dowdy wrote.

In her article, Dowd also claimed that the Mayor and the city’s Police Department were the reason for the violent and vicious crime wave that is occurring in the city today.

“What’s more, the Mayor was complicit in the killings,” Dowds article stated.

“The people of Brooklyn and Queens have never felt safer or more secure under the mayor.

But, in a city where one in four residents is poor, there are many reasons to fear that the city is about to become more dangerous for people like me, and not just those who are wealthy.””

I’ve never been so scared of anything in my life,” Dowding continued. 

“And I’ve never seen so much crime, violence, and injustice in my lifetime.” 

“The mayor and the police department have failed New Yorkers for decades, but the problem will only get worse as the city becomes wealthier,” Downd wrote.

Dowds article ends with a plea for a change of leadership in the NYPD.

“We are a force for good in this city, and a force to be feared,” Dowdd stated.

“If you think the mayor can solve the problem, you’re wrong.”

The NYPD has denied that they were responsible for the violence in Brooklyn, and claims that there was a pattern of police brutality in the borough.

The NYPD released a statement regarding the article, which read in part: “It was reported by the New York Daily News that the mayor is the one who has caused the deaths.

We take allegations of this nature very seriously, and we are conducting a thorough investigation.

We have also launched a review of our policies and procedures.”

The article also states that the New Yorkers’ deaths were a result of police corruption, and that the officers involved have been fired and will not be rehired. 

In addition, a spokesperson for the NYPD confirmed to the Daily News, “We do not comment on internal affairs matters.”