Juventus: Virgo to play at Udinese on Saturday

Juventus have confirmed that they will take on Udinese in the Coppa Italia final.The Bianconeri have yet to make a decision on whether to play Udinese or Napoli in their semi-final on Sunday.The Udinese squad are expected to be made up on Saturday, with Juventus also expected to travel to Rome to take on Napoli.The […]

Why India’s top doctors have a problem with ‘white people’

On the day after the Narendra Modi government announced a ban on “white people” from working in government-run hospitals, some of the nation’s top medical leaders expressed concern about the potential health effects of the ban.The country’s top health leaders have repeatedly warned against the health risks of a blanket ban on all people of […]

HOT POT SPOT LIVE: The Best Places to Go During Hot Pot Week 2018

Hot pot spots are one of the most popular summer activities in India and the country is looking forward to a bumper year for them.There is also a chance to partake in one of India’s hottest dining options, with a variety of restaurants offering hot pot dishes and snacks at affordable prices.We had a chance […]

How to spot Labrador hot spots in a country that’s hot spot-free

A hot spot in a nation that’s on track to become the world’s hottest spot?It’s the one that will cause a lot of controversy.Labrador hot spot – a hotspot for the heat?For most people, a hot spot is a place that has a high temperature and is in a hot area.The country is known for […]

How to spot a hot spot in a parking garage: Parking lot security report

Parking garages can be a hassle for the car, especially if the car is being used for a commercial activity, but some of the security reports posted online are downright hilarious.One example shows a man in a yellow car with a license plate of 7D-DVN, which stands for “Do Not Disturb,” who was parked in […]

When you can’t have a selfie without a selfie, there are other ways to have a hot spot

TUCSON, Ariz.— You can’t take a photo with your face on a hot plate of hot sauce.But if you want to make a point, you can do so with your head on a water bottle.A hot spot photo can be an important one, says Chris Leung, a professor of photography at the University of Arizona.If […]

When does women’s ‘tourism’ become ‘trendy’?

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How to build an online game strategy for the hottest spots in Australia

FourFourSecond The most hotly contested game of the year is back for a fourth season.The annual Super League is back with a bang and it’s been a bumper year for the game.The NRL has been the biggest beneficiary of the surge in the popularity of the game and it has taken in an average of […]

Vet who was left without food, water and medicine for years is now ‘proud of her’

Posted May 06, 2018 15:11:53 Dr Sarah Ewart has now made her way to Australia to find help after more than 20 years without proper food, shelter and medical treatment.Dr Ewart was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after suffering from complications in her childhood.She says her life has been transformed by the diabetes treatments and […]