How to stop the government from spying on you

The National Security Agency (NSA) collects huge amounts of data on virtually everyone in the United States, including Americans.It’s an important step in keeping us safe from the spread of terror, but there are many other ways that the NSA can track us.So how can we prevent them from tracking us all?Read more about the […]

Japan’s Akita hot spot in hot spots

Japan’s hot spots are more crowded than you might think.There’s a lot of it, and not just in the form of a huge volcano, but a lot more than you would expect.The Akita is one of the hottest spots in Japan, with an average of nearly 30 degrees Celsius above the average for that latitude, […]

U.S. economy adds 288,000 jobs in July

U.K. jobs growth has rebounded strongly to pick up from a slowdown in January, but the United States has added 288,300 jobs in the month, the Commerce Department said Friday.That is the biggest gain in the 12 months of the Obama administration.The jobs report was a rebound from a decline in December and January, when […]

The best places to catch hot air balloon rides in the US

A hot air balloon ride in Chicago can cost upwards of $1,500 to ride.Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.1.Rent a balloon or plane for $2,000.It’s a lot less expensive than a plane ride, but if you’re not a fan of hot air, you can still get a […]

Guzzo says it will stop selling smartphones in China

Guzzos will stop making its phones in China.The maker of the popular iPhone, the GuzzoS Smartphones and Guzzoos mobile phones has said it will “disconnect” from the country after more than a year of business.The announcement came after the company’s shares slumped more than 8 percent on Tuesday.The company said it has invested $50 million […]

How to make a great hot spot location in your city

By Steve Neumann | ESPN Crikey reporterA lot of people think of hot spots as the places where people go to relax, but there are many other types of places too.The best ones, of course, are those that you can do on your own.Hot spots have always been an important part of Australian life.In fact, […]

Why Verizon wants to sell its phone business for $2.5 billion

A year ago, Verizon had just been able to sell a stake in its phone division for $8.5bn.But now, it’s got to sell it all.The phone division is a big deal for Verizon, which has had to fight against a number of challenges to its strategy over the last couple of years.It’s the first time […]

How to read and understand hot spot results

The United States and Australia are the hottest countries for hot spot data, with temperatures in the two nations surpassing record highs in December, the World Meteorological Organization said on Thursday.The temperature anomaly was also the highest in more than 50 years.Australia’s average temperature on Wednesday was 27.3C, compared with an average of 26.5C for […]

Vegas’s new, uber-high-stakes casino is open for business

Las Vegas’ newest high-stakes gaming resort is now open for gaming.Glendale Hot Spot Casino opened Monday as part of a $1.9 billion development project that will be complete in time for the start of the summer tourist season.“It’s an incredible place to be.The people that work there are amazing.It’s an amazing place to play,” Las […]

WATCH: ‘Sesame Street’ star calls for more Black people on ‘Black History Month’ program

On his “Black History Week” appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” “Sesame Workshop” actor/comedian Will Forte called for more African-American voices in the world of Sesame Street.“I think if you want to get ahead in your career, you have to be willing to change your character, you can’t keep doing what you’re doing and be […]