U.S. economy adds 288,000 jobs in July

U.K. jobs growth has rebounded strongly to pick up from a slowdown in January, but the United States has added 288,300 jobs in the month, the Commerce Department said Friday.That is the biggest gain in the 12 months of the Obama administration.The jobs report was a rebound from a decline in December and January, when […]

What the World’s Most Loved Hot Spots are Like

What’s more, a recent study found that hot spots tend to attract more visitors than cool spots.That means the hotter areas of the country are a more appealing place to come visit.And in a recent report, The Economist found that while some hot spots have been experiencing a rise in tourism, other places are struggling […]

Which hot spots are the hottest in the US?

It’s been the hot spot of the summer for years, and we now know for sure that Birmingham, Alabama is the hot place in America.According to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley, the city’s metro area was the fourth most hot spot in the country.Birmingham, Alabama (CNN) The city is home to […]