How to protect yourself from cyber-attacks

The internet is full of malicious apps and websites, but how do you protect yourself?Here are five tips that will make it easier to defend yourself from malicious software on the internet.1.Do not click on links in emails, emails are not safe.The FBI says most malicious software is targeted at children, but they don’t mean […]

Who’s hot, who’s not, and where to find out the hottest spots in metro Detroit

In the heart of Detroit, the sun is shining and the city’s residents are enjoying the summer.But a hot spot on the other side of the state is attracting a lot of attention.HotSpotCrossword, a mobile app that helps travelers find nearby hot spots in cities across the US, has been adding locations for a few […]

How to get tattooed in Detroit

More than half of all tattoo artists in Detroit are from out of state, according to a study released this week by the nonprofit Detroit Tattoo Network.That’s according to the report, “The State of Tattoos in Detroit,” which ranked the city by population.“The state of tattooing is so fragmented, it’s very hard to know what’s […]