Hot Spot Spot: $1B in Bitcoin at Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas — Hot spot spot: $5.5B in virtual currencies at the Las Vegas Casino.Hot spot: A total of $1.9B in bitcoins.The casino’s Bitcoin ATM is also home to a bitcoin ATM.Hot spot: The Las Vegas casino’s bitcoin ATM is a prime example of the kind of high-tech infrastructure that could help spur the digital […]

Why do some countries get hotter than others?

A report has found that some countries have become hotter than other countries, according to a new study.The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said the hot spots in Australia have increased by more than 2 degrees Celsius since 1990, with the highest increase occurring in the Northern Territory.Topics:snow,climate-change,government-and-politics,environment,australiaFirst posted November 08, 2018 13:40:07Contact Emily WithersMore […]

Husky hot spots: Where the food is best and where the best restaurants are

A hot spot is where you can grab a bite while you’re waiting for a restaurant to open, and while you are waiting, you can enjoy your meal.You can choose from a variety of hot spots that range from classic Americana, to traditional Italian food, to a modern take on the classic.The list below shows […]