The EU’s Virgo hotspots and their role in the world’s feline population

Feline hotspots are hot spots across Europe, with some countries having more than a dozen.The EU is home to more than 100,000 cats, and their presence in the region has played a vital role in keeping them in check.In Europe, cats are often bred to live in fenced enclosures, which are usually restricted to their […]

Why do you need a flea collar?

There are so many flea tags out there that are useless to protect your pet from the fleas, but there’s one that really stands out.It’s called the flea magnet.The flea magnets have a magnetic field that attracts and traps fleas.You don’t need to use a collar, but the fleabot is the best way to keep […]

How to stop the government from spying on you

The National Security Agency (NSA) collects huge amounts of data on virtually everyone in the United States, including Americans.It’s an important step in keeping us safe from the spread of terror, but there are many other ways that the NSA can track us.So how can we prevent them from tracking us all?Read more about the […]

Flea Hot Spot, Internet Hot Spot: New research finds that the risk of infection from fleas is greater in Internet hotspots than in Internet hot spots

Apple and other online retailers have been trying to convince people that online shopping is safer and more secure.A new study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association (AMA) shows that the risks of infection are higher in the Internet hotspot and in hot spots.In the Internet hot spot category, […]