How does it work? A guide to Florida’s Zika virus outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday that Florida has had more than 10,800 confirmed cases of Zika virus and more than 4,300 confirmed cases since the virus was first detected on Sept. 11.The state is still at risk of having more than 30,000 new cases and has had fewer than 300 confirmed […]

Which countries are hot spots for cancer?

The US is hot, but it’s not for everyone.According to a study, a country with a cancer hot spot may have one of the highest rates of the deadly disease in the world.The study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, tracked the health status of 1,068 Canadian adults between the ages of 18 and 65 […]

Guzzo says it will stop selling smartphones in China

Guzzos will stop making its phones in China.The maker of the popular iPhone, the GuzzoS Smartphones and Guzzoos mobile phones has said it will “disconnect” from the country after more than a year of business.The announcement came after the company’s shares slumped more than 8 percent on Tuesday.The company said it has invested $50 million […]

Why is a gazelle hot spot so rare?

Dubliner David Guzzo is an amateur hunter who spends much of his time in the city.Aged just 24 he has been out on the streets hunting gazelles since he was a child.“I had a lot of experience out here and when I was younger I used to go hunting,” he says.“But as I got older, […]