Why India’s top doctors have a problem with ‘white people’

On the day after the Narendra Modi government announced a ban on “white people” from working in government-run hospitals, some of the nation’s top medical leaders expressed concern about the potential health effects of the ban.The country’s top health leaders have repeatedly warned against the health risks of a blanket ban on all people of […]

New York Times editorial board: Trump’s health care bill is dangerous for the nation

New York City — President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are facing a crisis over the fate of their health care plan.A new editorial from the New York’s Times editorial page, calling for a shutdown of the Affordable Care Act, has the newspaper calling on lawmakers to keep the health care law as […]

NYC: NYC: NY Times: “In a city of two million, there’s an underclass that’s been left out”

By Lauren Ashford By Lauren AshleyA New York Times columnist wrote an article that’s going viral across the internet today that blames a number of people, including the Mayor of New York City, for the deaths of two New York women in the Bronx.“There’s a whole bunch of people in New York who are guilty […]

How to get the most from Bitcoin and Ether mining and trading

If you’re reading this, then you’ve been reading Crypto Coins for a while.In fact, if you haven’t been, you’re missing out on a lot.While we have a long list of reasons why, we do have some good news to share.As you can imagine, we’re excited to share some exciting developments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.Bitcoin, Ethereum, […]