Aussie batsman James Pattinson to miss World Cup clash with India because of ‘nervousness’

Australia’s James Pattison is expected to miss the World Cup after suffering a nervous breakdown.The 25-year-old batsman had just bowled an unbeaten 134 off 46 balls in the second Test against India on Wednesday when he went into a fit state and fell ill.“He had an issue with his heart,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted […]

How Colombia’s ‘hot spot’ became a hot spot in hot spots

Colombia has one of the most remote communities in Latin America, but one of its most popular tourist attractions is a spot called Hot Spot 3. It’s a spot where locals flock to for the best views of the Andean mountains, and a place where they can catch hot spot therapy (or “hot spots”) that involve […]

Why I’m moving to Bangalore from Delhi: a hot spot manual

Bangalore is a hot-spot destination for tourists, and the city has seen a surge in business over the past year, as a city-state that enjoys its reputation for cleanliness and a vibrant tourism industry.But it’s also a destination for manual workers who rely on manual machinery to run their businesses.The number of manual workers in […]