When you need to check your hot spot grill

Hot spot grill (HG) is the key to maximizing your hot spots.A hot spot is a portion of a welded piece of metal that is at the very tip of the weld, but not directly connected to it.A heat sink is used to dissipate the heat and provide a cool place for the weld to […]

Apple and Google to launch Wi-Fi-connected phones with Google’s “hot spot paint” technology

By 2020, the world’s most advanced wireless technology will allow users to place Wi-Gig devices on a hot spot in their home and have them beep in real time to alert them when a device is nearby.And Apple will be offering the technology in the next iPhone, the Apple Watch, with an iOS 8 upgrade.Apple’s […]

Woman’s hot point at Astoria Hot Spot Parking is a hot spot

The Astoria City Council is considering a bill that would make Astoria’s parking lot a hot point for women.The proposal is called the Astoria Women’s Hot Point Parking Ordinance, and would make the parking lot an “all-gender facility” by removing barriers, including gender-based signage, for women to use.The Astorians parking lot has been used by […]