Watch: ‘Hot spot monitoring’ in the Philippines

Hot spots: The hot spots of the Philippines have become a global news story.In a country of less than 1.5 million people, the hotspots have become hotspots for a variety of problems. With the country still struggling to recover from Typhoon Haiyan in 2017, there is a growing concern about the spread of the coronavirus, as […]

When you need to check your hot spot grill

Hot spot grill (HG) is the key to maximizing your hot spots.A hot spot is a portion of a welded piece of metal that is at the very tip of the weld, but not directly connected to it.A heat sink is used to dissipate the heat and provide a cool place for the weld to […]

How to get rid of all the males in your house

A lot of the problems we have with males in our homes stems from their tendency to congregate together and act as a pack, said Kristina L. Anderson, an assistant professor of sociology at The University of Pennsylvania.She told Fox Sports the male population is a large one, and one that’s particularly prevalent in urban […]