How to avoid a pizza hangover

How to stay safe in a hot spot, if you’re planning a party or event: How to not be caught in a pizza hanging over a hot water source title A guide to pizza hangovers, and how to avoid them article Dogging hot spot pizza is a common occurrence.There are a variety of factors […]

New York Times editorial board: Trump’s health care bill is dangerous for the nation

New York City — President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are facing a crisis over the fate of their health care plan.A new editorial from the New York’s Times editorial page, calling for a shutdown of the Affordable Care Act, has the newspaper calling on lawmakers to keep the health care law as […]

‘It was a good night’: Hot yoga spot in the heart of Manhattan gets a makeover

The New York Times reported on Thursday that a hot yoga spot on the Upper West Side was undergoing a makeovers, in a bid to attract more tourists to the area.The Upper West Sider was named the new Hot Yoga Spot, a title that would seem to be appropriate considering it was recently named the […]

Hillary Clinton ‘willing to do anything’ to get FBI director to release information to public about her email scandal

On Tuesday night, FBI Director James Comey announced that the bureau would not be recommending criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state.“It’s clear from the evidence that we’ve seen thus far that the former secretary of State did not break the law, and […]

When is a pitbull-related homicide in Maryland safe?

A month ago, a Maryland woman was charged with first-degree murder after police say she shot and killed her dog.The victim, a pit bull named Jessie, was found dead on a park bench on May 12.Police say the woman had been drinking and driving when she pulled up next to Jessie, who was a few […]