Sprint’s new CEO is hot spot mutation reporter: ‘We’re trying to bring our team to the next level’

Sprint’s newly appointed CEO, Paul Hoch, has been a hot spot mutant for some time.When he was hired to head the company in 2012, he was one of the few to admit he was “not a hotspot mutation reporter,” and when he took the helm, the company had more than 300 people on its roster.Today, […]

Chicago Police Officer’s wife is arrested in connection with man killed in a shooting

Chicago, IL—Chicago police officer Amber VanDeMunkel was arrested Friday after an investigation found she had been drinking at a bar in the city, according to WGN-TV.The officer was a part of the force for two years and is a veteran, the Chicago Sun Times reported.VanDeDeghe is being held without bail at the Cook County Jail […]