Verizon Wireless reports quarterly net profit for the fourth quarter of 2017

Net profit for Verizon Wireless was $7.5 billion, beating Wall Street forecasts, the company said Wednesday.Verizon said the company posted net income of $6.7 billion for the quarter, down $1.1 billion from the year-earlier period.Wall Street expects Verizon to post a loss of $1 billion in 2017.Verizon Wireless reported $7 billion in net income in […]

How to track hot spots in Atlanta’s hottest spots

Atlanta is the hottest spot in the US for many people and some experts say you can spot it from a mile away.Here’s how to find the hot spots near you.What is hot spot?Hot spot is the name given to a collection of locations where the temperature is hot and humid.These locations may be located […]

The EU’s Virgo hotspots and their role in the world’s feline population

Feline hotspots are hot spots across Europe, with some countries having more than a dozen.The EU is home to more than 100,000 cats, and their presence in the region has played a vital role in keeping them in check.In Europe, cats are often bred to live in fenced enclosures, which are usually restricted to their […]