New York Times editorial board: Trump’s health care bill is dangerous for the nation

New York City — President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are facing a crisis over the fate of their health care plan.A new editorial from the New York’s Times editorial page, calling for a shutdown of the Affordable Care Act, has the newspaper calling on lawmakers to keep the health care law as […]

10-year-old boy found dead in hot spot service

DENVER — A 10-day-old baby boy found in a portable hot spot in Denver was pronounced dead, authorities said Friday.The child was found by his mother in the hot spot on Tuesday, said Denver Police Chief Robert White.The baby was found in the spot between a convenience store and a gas station, but authorities said […]

How to find and navigate a male hot spot

It’s not often you’ll find a man’s hot spot, but it’s often the best place to be.The hot spots are often crowded with male sex workers, but they’re also a convenient way to get into and out of the brothel.If you’re looking for a brothel to book a room, though, you can find the right […]

Which states are the hot spots for gun violence?

As of June 30, there were 5,637 homicides nationwide, according to data from the FBI.That means the country is on pace to have at least a dozen more homicides this year than last.The number of murders this year is likely to be higher than the total of 5,974 homicides that occurred in the same period […]