New York Times editorial board: Trump’s health care bill is dangerous for the nation

New York City — President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are facing a crisis over the fate of their health care plan.A new editorial from the New York’s Times editorial page, calling for a shutdown of the Affordable Care Act, has the newspaper calling on lawmakers to keep the health care law as […]

How Colombia’s ‘hot spot’ became a hot spot in hot spots

Colombia has one of the most remote communities in Latin America, but one of its most popular tourist attractions is a spot called Hot Spot 3. It’s a spot where locals flock to for the best views of the Andean mountains, and a place where they can catch hot spot therapy (or “hot spots”) that involve […]

Why Hawaiian hot spots are so much better than others in the Pacific Northwest

When it comes to medical care, there are few places in the world where the number one priority is getting the best care possible.That’s why when a doctor prescribes a particular drug or procedure, there’s often a big payoff if it’s used for a treatment that’s been shown to work well for a particular patient.“We […]