How to Make a Hot Yoga Spot and Hot Yoga Unit with a Hot Microwave

Flamin Hot Spot and Flamin hot yoga are two of the hottest new yoga products on the market, and it is a must-have item for any yoga practitioner.They are also two of our favorite yoga accessories.This post will show you how to make a Flamin HOT spot, and then how to get it ready to […]

Why is a gazelle hot spot so rare?

Dubliner David Guzzo is an amateur hunter who spends much of his time in the city.Aged just 24 he has been out on the streets hunting gazelles since he was a child.“I had a lot of experience out here and when I was younger I used to go hunting,” he says.“But as I got older, […]

When you see a red star: How to find a red dot in the sky

A star that looks like a red diamond may be invisible to most people, but it can be extremely useful.Red dots are bright stars that shine a bright red light in the night sky.A red dot is sometimes called a “red hot spot.”The red hot spot is a bright star with an enormous red ring.The […]