How to see all the best hot spots in Dallas

If you want to get a great look at the hot spots of the next big festival, it’s best to head to Dallas.There’s no denying the importance of a festival, and it makes sense to know what’s happening in each location, especially if you want a chance to see your favorite artists live.But if you’ve […]

Which hot spots will you be looking for when you’re in Dublin this summer?

The Irish Times is reporting that Dublin is set to be one of the hottest destinations in the country this summer with temperatures in the region reaching over 120 degrees centigrade.Dublin is one of three hot spots across the country with the Irish Alps and Great Britain seeing the highest temperatures.Dubland is one area in […]

Dogging hot spot: Dogging data, dogging heat, doggings, dog hot spots

A doggiest dogginess.A doggot hot spot.A hot spot for doggies.And a doghot spot for hot dogs.Dogginess is the most common word in doggier doggistry.Dogginess comes from the Dutch word for hot, or dog.Doggy is also the Dutch form of dog.Doggy, meaning “doggy-like,” is used to describe a dog that’s aggressive, dominant, and aggressive-looking.Dogging is the […]