How the NBN is changing the NBN market

New analysis by NBN Co has revealed that there is a clear, significant market opportunity for the NBN to be deployed in Australia.Key points:The NBN Co’s analysis shows that the Australian market is growing fast and growing quicklyThere are huge opportunities for the Government to build the network more quickly and cost-effectivelyThere are clear opportunities […]

Husky hot spots: Where the food is best and where the best restaurants are

A hot spot is where you can grab a bite while you’re waiting for a restaurant to open, and while you are waiting, you can enjoy your meal.You can choose from a variety of hot spots that range from classic Americana, to traditional Italian food, to a modern take on the classic.The list below shows […]

Why Uber may be losing the war on taxis | What’s next for the world’s biggest car company?

By Peter Sibylov | 01 January 2017 05:22:03Many taxi drivers say Uber and other ride-sharing services are forcing them out of business, driving up their prices and causing them to cut corners in services and safety.The US Chamber of Commerce has weighed in on the matter.“It is time to end the business model that has […]