Ohio hot spots: The top hotspots for the weekend

Ohio hot spot: The bottom hotspots on Sunday: Columbus, Ohio Top spots for the week: Dayton, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Dayton, OH Athens, Ohio Akron, OH Cleveland, OH Top 10 hottest spots: Top 10 coolest spots: Cincinnati, OH Toledo, OH Dayton, TN Toledo, Ohio Louisville, KY Memphis, TN Indianapolis, IN Top 10 best spots for camping: […]

How to get a quick and painless fix to pain from a hot spot

HOT SPRINGS, Ohio — There’s nothing like a hot summer to ease the pressure on your joints, and a new treatment is being touted by pain specialists as an answer.Purdue University researchers say they’ve found a new way to help people with painful joints by treating hot spots.The researchers say the therapy works with a […]

How to find the hottest spot in Ohio

Hot spots can be confusing.Some can be hidden away and are best avoided by looking closely at the signs.But the most dangerous spots can happen to anyone, and they can be the hottest spots in your home or workplace.Find out what’s happening in hot spots in Ohio: hot spot: hot spots on the rise In […]