Hot spots of the CBD are on display in the Capital’s most picturesque suburbs as the city looks to celebrate the holidays.

In Canberra, the city’s CBD has been named as one of the hottest places to be, beating out Sydney and Brisbane, with the Adelaide CBD and South Australian capital Adelaide being named after the city.

The hot spot in Canberra is the famous St James’s Market, and the city is celebrating with a parade through the streets and the fireworks display at the foot of Parliament.

It is a sign of the city having a strong Christmas tradition, and not just for Christmas, but also for New Year’s Eve and New Year, as well as the festive season, which ends on Friday, December 31.

The CBD has also been named one of Australia’s top places to watch Christmas Eve fireworks, with Canberra’s famous Christmas market and the St James Street Market a few kilometres away, attracting thousands of people for its Christmas Eve celebration.

It was the city that was chosen as a favourite destination for Australia’s national celebrations, which also included Sydney and Melbourne, and for a special event in the Sydney Opera House, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The city has also received the “Best Place to Be” accolade from a local media outlet.

In 2016, the Australian Institute of Tourism named Canberra the number one city for the “best place to watch” in the world, according to the latest edition of the Australian Travel and Tourism Association’s “Best Cities” list.

While the capital of Australia is famous for its cultural and architectural landmarks, it is also home to many other unique cultural, architectural and social features that are worth visiting as well.

Here are 10 hot spots around the city of Canberra that have been named by local media.


The Adelaide CBD.

The Victorian suburb of South Adelaide, a city of about 8,000 people, is famous as a shopping hub and has become the epicentre of many Australian events and celebrations.

The area around the Adelaide Opera House has become known for its vibrant evening entertainment scene, with a number of popular bands, dance clubs and live music venues such as the Stereo Club, The Black Room, the Tuggeranong and the Art Gallery.


The West Coast of Australia.

Located in the northern part of the state, this state capital is the hub of the region, where it has become one of Western Australia’s major tourist destinations.

The Perth International Airport is a major international airport and is a popular tourist destination.

The Sydney Opera and the Opera House are just a short distance away from each other.


The South Australian city of Perth.

The capital of the South Australian state of South Australia, the state capital of Perth, is home to the University of South Australian, and is also known for being a hot spot for Christmas celebrations.

Perth is also the home to Australia’s largest city, Canberra.


The Western Australian capital of Adelaide.

The most famous city in Western Australia, Adelaide is the capital city of the State of South Western Australia.

The state capital has become a popular destination for Christmas Eve celebrations, as it is home the popular Adelaide Festival.

The town of Adelaide has also had a Christmas tree lighting ceremony every year since 1996.


The Northern Territory capital of Darwin.

Darwin is a beautiful city with a beautiful landscape and an impressive heritage.

The famous Darwin Harbour is a favourite holiday spot for many, and there is a number, of festivals and events held in the city every year.

It has also hosted several of the Sydney Olympics and the Australian National Exhibition.

The airport is a few minutes’ drive away from the city centre, and it is the third-busiest airport in Australia.


The Queensland capital of Brisbane.

Brisbane is one of Queensland’s major cities and a city renowned for its arts, culture and sporting events.

The City of Brisbane is home of the Brisbane Zoo and is famous worldwide for its beautiful architecture.

The Central Business District is also a popular place to relax and enjoy the holidays, with many festivals and special events taking place.


The southern NSW city of Newcastle.

The North-Western suburb of Newcastle is famous throughout Australia for its rich heritage, and also as a destination for the best-known attractions such as Alice Springs and the Great Barrier Reef.

Newcastle is also one of Sydney’s most popular tourist destinations, with more than 20,000 visitors annually, and has been voted as Australia’s most-visited city for 2017 by the Tourism Industry Association of Australia (TIAA).


The northern Queensland city of Hobart.

Hobart is one the largest cities in Australia, with an population of nearly 10 million.

Located on the southern coast of Australia, it has a beautiful coastline, with great beaches, spectacular harbour and is home most of the world’s biggest natural attractions.


The north Queensland city the Gold Coast.

Located just east of Brisbane, the Gold-Coast city is famous internationally for its popular culture, music, food and beaches.

The Gold Coast has also