Trojans can use malicious code to infect websites or steal credentials, so how can anyone be sure that their computer is secure?

A recent Trojan attack that affected millions of computers was found to be the result of a deliberate exploit. 

The toy, which used a specially-crafted code called “toy_toy”, was discovered in February, according to security firm Quantum Security. 

Quantums analysis of the code found that it would steal credentials and logon information from Windows user accounts, but would then attack other systems and steal user passwords as well. After the toys code was installed, it took the victims years to recover their passwords and logons. 

Researchers have been tracking the Trojan and have discovered that it can infect Windows users with a unique virus that targets the windows user account and their pw_accounts. 

To stop the vulnerability from spreading, researchers recently released a software update that can be used to prevent the Trojan from spreading. 

Symantec said the update will stop the Trojan from infecting Windows user accounts and their pws_account accounts, and can protect users from this vulnerable Trojans in the future. 

Users should check their Windows account to see if they have been infected. 

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