U.K. jobs growth has rebounded strongly to pick up from a slowdown in January, but the United States has added 288,300 jobs in the month, the Commerce Department said Friday.

That is the biggest gain in the 12 months of the Obama administration.

The jobs report was a rebound from a decline in December and January, when it was revised down to a contraction of 227,000.

The report showed a pickup in spending by private businesses, with sales increasing 1.5% and spending on equipment and equipment equipment for machinery and equipment increasing 1%.

It was also a rebound after a decline of 1.4% in January.

The recovery in private business activity was helped by a pickup of manufacturing in January and a decline after a big drop in February.

Manufacturing has also recovered from a huge drop in January as it fell sharply in January for the first time since 2007.

Manufacturing is also showing signs of life after the recession.

In January, manufacturing saw a decline by 7.5%.

However, this year, manufacturing has rebounding as a whole.

The economy has grown by 3.5 million jobs in June.

That was a huge increase from December, when the economy was just 1.6 million.