Newark’s movie theatre, the New Frontier, opened its doors in May 2018 and will soon have a second cinema.

“New Frontier” is a space-themed cinema in the city’s new entertainment precinct and the company is excited about its new location.

“We’re really excited about the location and the opening,” said Todd Warshawski, a senior vice-president of entertainment.

“We have a great community of theatregoers, so we really wanted to create a place that has a sense of community.”

Mr Warshawksi said they wanted to open a place where people could come together and enjoy entertainment, which they believe is the next step for the entertainment precinct.

“There’s going to be a lot of events going on, there’s going a lot more entertainment going on and that’s going really well,” he said.

New Frontier is the brainchild of Warshewski and his wife, Nicole, and the couple has partnered with Newark’s entertainment precinct, the Newark Downtown Entertainment District, to make this new location a success.

They also recently secured a movie theatre lease at the new space, and it is hoped that the theatre will have a capacity of 300 people, according to the company.

Mr Washesawski said that the venue has received rave reviews and that he hoped that people would go and enjoy the entertainment, especially since the film is being made by the same company that created the New Horizons attraction.

“It’s been great,” he added.

With the movie coming to New Frontier and a new movie tent in place, Mr Warshwawski expects to have a full-service theatre in place by Christmas.

New Frontier has a long history in the entertainment industry, having opened in 1993.

The company also has a cinema in Sydney, New South Wales, and opened its first location in Brisbane, Australia, in 2002.

It currently has two locations in the New York City area, in Manhattan and at the Flatiron District in Brooklyn.

The company hopes to have the theatre in Newark open in the coming months.

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said the new cinema is a step in the right direction and he is happy to see a theatre company that is taking advantage of the area.

“When you see these movies, you’re really drawn to the place, and you’re drawn to it’s atmosphere, and that we have in Newark is really something that is special,” he told

Mr Baraka also thanked the community for its support and said that Newark residents would be well served by this new entertainment venue.

“I think Newark’s going in the wrong direction.

They’ve got some big issues and I think that it’s just going to have to catch up with the rest of the world,” he advised.”

This is a great opportunity for Newark to be in a really great place.”

The film company also had a busy summer in the film industry, with the release of its newest release, “Catching Fire”.

The film, directed by Christopher Nolan, stars James McAvoy as a young man who gets caught in a blaze when he accidentally triggers a giant explosion that takes out all the buildings in his home town.

Catch Fire opens nationwide on Friday.