Hot spots are big in Calgary, and the list is no different this summer.

Here are 10 of the city’s hottest hot spots: 1.

Cactus Bar & Grill – Located in a historic building that dates to 1915, the Cactus is Calgary’s oldest bar and restaurant.

Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine, the bar has been open for more than 60 years.

It’s located in a renovated building at 1015 Highway 17 and is one of the hottest spots on the list.


The Cactus Cafe – The former home of the Cazadero Grill is a favorite for many people who have no idea what to do in the city.

Located in the old downtown Calgary Hotel, the restaurant features traditional Mexican food and has a large outdoor patio.

The restaurant is also known for their Mexican sandwiches.


The Stubb’s Restaurant – This is one Calgary institution, and for good reason.

This restaurant is a must-try for any local.

It features some of the best local eats, such as chicken wings, ribs and tacos.


D.O.D. – The D. O. D is one popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Located at the corner of Highway 17 & 11th Avenue, the D. D offers a variety of food and drink options including hot and iced coffee, and some unique local beers.


The Diner & Kitchen – Located on Highway 16E, The D is the best of the Calgary dining scene.

Located near the historic Old Brewery, the diner offers a full bar with a wide variety of beer selections.


Crescendo – Located near Highway 16 & 13th Avenue in the historic city of Calgary, Crescope Restaurant has been serving up delicious meals since 1982.

Located on the second floor of the historic hotel, it’s known for its signature fried chicken, tacos, and wings.


M.D.’s Diner – This Calgary staple is located on the corner at 1116 Highway 17.

The M. D’s is a family owned and operated restaurant serving a full menu of food.


St. Louis Barbecue – Located inside the historic Fort William Hotel, this restaurant is known for a classic, Southern style BBQ that is famous for its brisket.

It is located in the heart of downtown Calgary.


The Cheeseburger House – Located at Highway 17, The Cheesehouse is one the hottest restaurants in Calgary.

Known as the “Cheeseburgh” restaurant, this famous restaurant has a wide selection of burger options, including the classic burger.


The Big Smoke – Located just a block away from the city, the Big Smoke is one great hot spot.

Located right next to the historic Alberta Place, this hot spot has been around since the 1950s.

It has been known for some of Calgary’s best barbecue, and is known as one of Calgarys best hot spots.