PHILADELPHIA — Hot spot welding has been a booming business for Philadelphia’s welders since the late 1960s.

Now, it’s the city’s hot spot plan, a $1.6 billion program that aims to keep hot spots at bay.

The plan is part of a $400 million federal initiative called the Welding Works Program.

That includes funding for welding training, safety upgrades and other safety improvements to the citys welders, including a new hot spot at the old North Philly Works.

Philadelphia has been hit hard by a rash of welding injuries in recent years.

Since 2006, there have been more than 100 welding-related deaths, and more than 700 injuries, according to the Welders Union.

The city is on track to have more than $700 million in welders’ medical care costs over the next three years, Mayor Jim Kenney said.

He’s not sure how long the city can keep up with the medical costs, but he said the city is working on a plan to address the problems.

“This is an emergency,” Kenney told reporters.

“We are working to do what is necessary to save lives.”

Hot spot plans are the most important piece of the welding industry in Philadelphia, where welding is often the last thing welders do when they leave the shop.

Hot spots are areas of a welding machine where the welders are welding to hot plates on metal work surfaces.

They also are the hot spots where welders and other workers can work during the day.