In the heart of Detroit, the sun is shining and the city’s residents are enjoying the summer.

But a hot spot on the other side of the state is attracting a lot of attention.

HotSpotCrossword, a mobile app that helps travelers find nearby hot spots in cities across the US, has been adding locations for a few weeks now, including Denver and Detroit.

The app allows users to input their location and select a hot spots.

After that, the app shows a map of nearby hot areas that are on the map.

HotSpotCrosswords users can also add their locations to their local HotSpot crossword list.

When you tap on a location, it takes you to the location’s HotSpot Crossword page.

Here, users can add, edit, and remove hot spots by entering their address and selecting a hot area to add or remove.

Users can also view their HotSpot list and update it.

Users can also check the status of the HotSpot List for specific locations.

HotspotCrosswords also has a section where users can submit their locations.

Here users can share their locations with the Hotspot community, and they can also upload photos of their locations, which can be used to add to the Hot Spot list.

For the first few days, HotSpot has been offering a $1,000 reward for the best location submissions, with users able to earn as much as $2,500 per location.

But, on July 26, Hotspot updated its submission requirements to a $100,000 prize.

And, after a few days of users submitting locations, the prize has been halved to $50,000.

While HotSpot crossed $1 million in submission rewards on July 19, the company has yet to update the rules to be more fair to users.

According to Mashable, the $1.5 million prize was “unfairly” awarded to Detroit.

“We’re sorry this happened to our hometown.

We have been working on an update for months, but due to this situation, we have decided to not update the prize,” a HotSpot spokesperson told Mashable.

According to Mashables, Hot Spot is now offering the $50 million prize to users who submit 10 or more locations.