The city’s hot spot is in a different league from most, and the city’s hottest spots are just as hot.

The city’s top-10 hot spots for 2015 have all been in the south of the city.

Top 10 hot spots in the South (by number of nights) Top 10 hot spot spots in North (by area) Top 20 hot spots on the list Top 10 hottest spots in South East (by volume of people) Top 100 hottest spots on Australia’s list of the world’s hottest cities (click for full list) Top 30 hottest spots Sydney’s top 10 hottest places are in the east, including the top 10.

The Sunshine State has four cities with spots on this list, including Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Brisbane’s top five hot spots, with spots: Adelaide’s top 20 hot spot, with places: Perth’s top 40 hottest spots, and its two best spots, which are Sydney and Brisbane.

Perth’s best spots are in Perth, which has the city with the most hotels per capita.

The city also has one of the highest number of air pollution complaints per capita in the country.