The Astoria City Council is considering a bill that would make Astoria’s parking lot a hot point for women.

The proposal is called the Astoria Women’s Hot Point Parking Ordinance, and would make the parking lot an “all-gender facility” by removing barriers, including gender-based signage, for women to use.

The Astorians parking lot has been used by women in recent years, but it is often reserved for men, who are not allowed to use the lot, as well as people of color.

Women have been coming to the park for years, mostly to get away from the violence of the city.

The parking lot would be open for women and non-disabled people to park there, and it would allow disabled people to use it as a place to take care of family and friends, as long as they are not blocking parking lanes, according to the city’s plan.

The proposed parking ordinance would also make sure women can access the lot from other parking lots.

The city’s proposal calls for two types of signage: one that reads “ALL WOMEN ARE ACCEPTED,” and another that reads, “ALL MEN ARE ACCESSIBLE.”

Women would also be able to post notices in the parking areas that say “no male parking is permitted” and “all women must use the designated parking lot for women.”

The proposed law would also add a provision allowing disabled people and nonbinary people to request a space for a designated gender in the lot.

The council voted in October to consider the bill after hearing from several people from the local LGBTQ community.

“The women’s hot points are a great spot for them to come and have fun, and also for them not to feel uncomfortable at all,” Astoria Councilwoman Melissa Hoecker told The Verge.

The new parking law would be the second time the council has considered the proposal.

The previous proposal would have added a $1 surcharge for women who park in the park.

The park was closed for several months in January after a shooting in which a man was killed in the car park.

A police officer shot and killed a man in the same area in February.

Both the Astorians and Astoria Police Departments said they investigated the shooting.

In February, the city proposed a $25,000 grant for police to hire additional officers to assist women in the area.

Hoeckers said she has heard from people who have been at the park since the shooting, and the proposal would help address the needs of people who are homeless, those with mental health issues, and those who have experienced violence.

The woman’s hot spots proposal comes at a time when women’s voices are growing louder in the city and other cities across the country.

Last week, more than 400 women took to the streets in Washington, D.C., in protest against the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has denied the allegations.

Women’s rights advocates have been calling on lawmakers in other cities to follow Washington’s lead and enact similar measures.

The Women’s March on Washington took place on Saturday and Sunday, which was attended by thousands of people.

“It’s so important to take action when we see a lack of action on the part of our elected officials, especially in our city,” said Lauren E. Tinsley, a spokesperson for the National Organization for Women, in an email to The Verge on Monday.

“We can be a leader when we come together and make sure the people of our communities have a voice.”